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Roller shutter with key switch in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

Galvanised finish.

Roller Shutters come in many varieties. Steel, Aluminium, Manual, Electrically operated, Insulated, Punched or Perforated to name but a few!  

We specialise in all types of roller shutter door manufacture, supply and repair in the Leeds and Yorkshire area.  

 We can make you a bespoke shutter to your requirements or provide / fit an "off the shelf" door to a high standard and all our shutters are fully guaranteed. 

Industrial steel shutters.

The industry standard for many years.

 Steel shutters are chosen as the first line of security nationwide. 

 Not all roller shutters are made the same though. We never scrimp on quality, our shutters are over engineered to ensure security and reliability. 

 A little thought at the design stage can make the difference between a very secure product, and one that just looks the part. 

Roller shutters can be supplied in a galvanised finish that won't rust. Or we can powder coat them in just about any colour. We can also supply insulated industrial doors, that are useful when heat retention is a consideration. 

Tube motors are commonly used to drive a shutter that isn't used many times a day, such as a shop front shutter. For intensive use areas such as car parks or loading bays, a direct drive outboard motor is a better solution, these have the power and control to work hard and not fail or overheat. 

Repairs to your existing shutter performed same day in most cases as we carry a stock of most common parts including, switches, remotes, steel repair sections, motors, locks, components etc...If we don't have it we can usually source it quickly. 

If you have an older manual sprung or chain operated door that is heavy or cumbersome but otherwise in good condition, we can convert it to electric operation for ease of use. 

Insulated Shutters - Domestic duty

 Domestic insulated roller shutter doors to replace garage doors etc.. 

 The insulated lath is double skinned aluminium with a foam filling. Combined with brush seals around the door and a rubber bottom seal makes this door the most effective way of retaining heat in your garage.

 We do not sell the cheap eBay type insulated doors as they are very weak and insecure. We only use quality insulated roller shutters. They come with remote operation as standard and as an extra can even be controlled from your mobile phone. 

 Various paint finishes and wood grain effects are available. Please ask for details and see pictures in the Photo Gallery section. 

 We now also offer "Alutech" insulated sectional garage doors. Where headroom is tight, they offer a viable alternative to a roller shutter. Very nice looking doors. 

 Below- "Alutech" door in wood effect finish. 

Matching powder coated roller shutters on private garages. 

Extra thick lath makes these doors very secure without compromising looks. 

Punched roller shutter fitted at Harvey Nichols, Leeds. 

 The heavy gauge curtain maintains security, while the brick punched pattern gives the area a less enclosed feel and offers partial vision through. 

 Window roller shutter system. 

 Three roller shutters fitted together to cover all ground floor windows on offices in Leeds. 

Insulated aluminium garage door with wood colour and texture. 

 All shutters work simultaneously with a group controller.  

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