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Aluminium shop fronts / Automatic doors / Door repairs / Access control 

   Whatever your requirements, we specialise in all areas of aluminium shop fronts, automatic and manual doors and access control.

 Advice freely given on automating your entrance. We are not tied to any manufacturer, so we can advise on the best model for your requirements. 


Swing doors, existing or new.

 Becoming more and more widespread is the conversion of an existing swing door to automatic or power assisted (push pad activated) operation.

 The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) states that places of business or employers must make provision for the access of disabled persons.

 You can read more on the DDA act by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. 

 The power assisted operator is the easiest and most cost effective way to meet the DDA act. People who need to can operate the door via push pad and it will open to allow them to enter, then gently close after an adjustable pause time. The benefit is that able bodied people can just push the door as they would a manual door, and it will close immediately, retaining the heat in the building.

They can be easily fitted to new, or existing doors. It doesn't matter if the door is aluminium, steel or wood. Inward or outward opening, there is a swing operator to suit. A swing operator can also be fitted in conjunction with an electric lock or connected to work in tandem with an access control system to protect your property and staff. 


New automatic swing door fitted into existing curtain wall frontage. Complete with safety sensors, heavy duty steel bespoke barrier, and push button activation. 

 All powdercoated to match existing framework. 

These works enabled the client to meet the DDA regulations. 

Record DFA127 operators. 

 Smooth design and powerful yet quiet. 

 One of our favourite swing door automation products. 

Sliding operators-

 Sliding doors are one of the most reliable door systems available. Quiet in operation they add an impressive look to your building. They are also safer than swing doors as the door leaf moves in a linear fashion, it is therefore easier to protect people from coming into contact with the door itself.

 Generally more reliable due to it's simplicity and lack of complicated moving parts, sliding doors are the perfect solution to high traffic situations such as supermarkets, schools, shopping centres or even private homes! 

  We can supply a sliding door system with a new shop front, or replace / repair an existing sliding door. In some cases an existing swing entrance can be converted to sliding operation!

  Please contact us for more info, even if it's just a casual idea you want to throw around.

 All our automatic door systems are fitted by ADSA trained engineers to comply with the latest BS EN 16005 regulations.  

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