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Brand new and in stock for quick delivery.                                                                                   
80nm power, more than enough for even double garage doors.                                             
Fast operation, 15rpm. Some Somfy original motors are 17rpm. Most of the after market motors are 12rpm. This can sometimes disappoint and feel slow in comparison. This new high speed 15rpm motor matches the original speed more closely.                                       
Comes complete with - Motor fixings and bracket, limit adjusting tool, winding eye and instruction sheet.                                                                                                                       
Can be supplied with 94mm, 97mm, or 70mm octagonal adapters. Also will work with SWS adapters if required, see separate "SWS adapters" @ £15.00.                                                                                      
Far more powerful and robust than smaller 50nm motors.                                                     
Comes with a 5 year return to base warranty.

Domestic garage shutter motor. Perfect replacement for Somfy or SWS 80nm 15rpm .

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