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Please don't confuse this with other RED roller shutter motors (such as NECO etc). Our product is superior quality.
  Great value package deal.
  Brand new roller shutter door tube motor, remote control and wireless rocker switch.
  130nm lifting effort. ( please contact us with you door sizes if you are unsure of the size you require)
  12rpm speed
  Manual override facility for power cut situations. (You will require a winding handle to operate)
  Comes with a coice of adapters adapters to suit 4inch outside diameter tube or octagonal tube.
  Fully compatible remote control system with 2no fobs included. Easy to wire, compact unit as used by the majority of the industry. Rolling code fobs, sliding button covers to prevent accidental activation. Cheap extra fobs available.
  Wireless rocker switch easy to program and fully compatible with the remote kit.
  Any questions please do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help!
What mounting bracket do you require? We have Flat, Drop-in, or Star / Square peg options.

130nm motor with EURO remote kit, 2 fobs, wireless rocker switch.

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